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…your course was a huge success – we have heard glowing reports from participants, Peer Motivators and other students who attended the sharing event about how much they enjoyed it

– Lisa Spirling, Art of Regeneration
Albany Theatre (2004)

Many pupils see poetry as old-fashioned and something to be endured but Nii destroys this image quite quickly.
At a time when much of the GCSE course includes poetry, Nii brings an alternative perspective…

– Heather Dear, English Department
Perins School (2004)

 Your enthusiasm definitely transmits itself to the pupils and you are a very popular visitor to the school. Both pupils and staff appreciate your openness and genuine interest…

– Helen Chauncy
Newfield Primary School (2005)

We were absolutely thrilled with Nii’s visit today! He was fabulous. I am sure it was an exhausting day for him but the girls and staff had nothing but praise for the sessions. They were interactive, structured and full of energy!

 Newlands Girls School (2011)

The 2 best pieces our squad presented at the closing ceremony came out of your workshop (one on “Special Needs”, the other on “Writer’s Block”). Thanks heaps and BRAVO – you were great with them.

IGGY Summer School, Warwick University (2008)

Your second person present tense writing exercise has proved to be one of the most useful exercises in my creative writing classes

American School in London (2010)

We were pleased to host a visit from the poet Nii Ayikwei Parkes on Tues 23 November. It was Nii’s second visit to the College and his enthusiasm about poetry is always infectious! He led writing workshops for some of the girls in Year 9, which aimed to encourage them to use and enjoy their imagination. Nii also gave helpful tips on performing poetry which will be useful for our forthcoming English Speaking Board exams.

Queens College, London (2010 link)

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